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Many of Federico G. Martini’s novels and story collections are available on order online or from your local bookstore or from Amazon.com online. His writings have won awards and garnered good reviews. The following provides a brief overview of his novels and stories.


  Stolen Lives
Ludovico the Moor and the Flemish Painter
Milan Short Stories
Young Anger
Wicked Couple
Voyage into the Obscure
Sunset of Aristocracy
The Heretic
Dark Side of Solitude
Black Moon in Casablanca

Asiago Woods - Unforgettable Journey through Italy


Is a portrait of the years between 1898 to 1919, when cruel events and a great war swept away nearly a generation of young people, changing the structure and face of Europe forever. The stage is set for a series of coups d’Útat that ignite the coming bloody WWII. Through the memories of a Milanese family, the reader relives the repressions of the general Bava Beccaris, the regicide of Umberto the First, the horrors of trench warfare and the rise of Fascism. With the protagonist, Luca Aliprandi, we summon distant memories of the love of the courageous young and the strong family ties of those desperate events. From the depth of the reader’s soul arises a yearning melancholy for times gone by, as he is touched by memories that fade leaving the truth that life is as fleeting as a breath of wind.
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LUDOVICO the Moor and the Flemish Painter

Like many princes of the Renaissance, Ludovico the Moor loves to surround himself with celebrated artists that can bring him immortal fame. Ludovico invites a talented Flemish painter named Pieter of Utrecht to his court. Needing a rich patron, the young master accepts the Moor’s invitation and leaves his country to travel to Milan. On his journey, Pieter faces many dangers, but he is able to visit the impressive French cathedrals and yields to the seductions of a few pretty maidens along the way. Finally the Flemish painter reaches Milan and encounters Beatrice of Este and her consort, Ludovico. During his life in Milan, Pieter of Utrecht makes Leonardo da Vinci acquaintance, who is just completing his grand fresco, the Last Supper.
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Sometimes Milan seems a city without feeling - always too busy and too anxious - but this impression soon fades if you stop and listen to the people. This charming collection of short stories overflows with humanity, sadness, love and the lives of a few Milanese. This miscellany of memories shows the reader a gallery of characters everybody with his own distinctive feature, however, the author introduces us, not only to the people of Milan, but to a singular stray dog and a centuries old plane tree.
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Today the post-war period appears far and faded, but the tales of history cannot die. They live on in novels such as this one that recall a time when most families led a miserable existence. Young Anger tells of privation and anger, powerful forces that even so were unable to steal men’s will to rebuild their homes and factories that had been destroyed by bombardments. In the years of post-war reconstruction, men, women and children alike fought their way up from poverty and struggled to reemerge from their cruel lot. Through solid friendships, noble efforts, and a great love that no hardship can break, these quiet heroes summoned the drive to revive and restore sad Milan to the beauty of its old and pleasant image.
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Is the tale of Roberto Montenero, a handsome fellow who has just been released from jail. He meets a prostitute d’alto bordo, Viola, who keeps clients among Milan’s high society. She convinces him to become her partner in providing erotic performances for some depraved members of the upper class. This is a dark story based on a real event, in which the wicked couple sinks into depravity, through episodes of sex, avidity and jealousy that lead to a series of crimes scenes.
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Is a collection of eighteen short stories that plunge the reader into dimensions where dark powers prevail over the limited knowledge of the human mind.
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Begins near the end of the 19th century when members of the Milanese dynasty Ravazzani-Lavatier, including the countess Charlotte called maman, are swept away by an unstoppable force. For centuries nobility has lived in a state of privilege, indifferent to the misery of the common folk. With the industrial revolution, an alarming new middle class emerges. The privileged classes lack the strength and fortitude to adapt to a changing world, and many monarchies and noble families slide towards the fate of extinction.
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Is an intense and sprawling historical novel that opens with the tragic death of Frederic called Barbarossa in 1190, and portrays popes, emperors and other characters buried in oblivion. This is the story of Anselmo da le erbe, disciple of friar Celeste, a member of Humiliati, a religious community founded in Milan in the XII century. He and his brother friars preserve and guard three precious letters that Jesus dictated to his followers. To escape accusations of heresy and prevent the growing Inquisition from seizing the letters, Anselmo takes them and runs away to Venice where warlords are preparing for the Fourth Crusade. He travels with the crusaders to Constantinople, where he witnesses brutalities perpetrated by Christian men. In holy Jerusalem, he discovers with sorrow that even the religious Christian conquest is marked with blood and cruelty.
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During the August holidays, when Milan is completely deserted, a man is confronted with a feeling of total loneliness. To overcome the boredom and anguish that oppress him, he begins to recall to mind all of the unique women who have left an indelible trace in his memory. He conjures up all sorts of mad desires, passions, disappointments and regrets, real or imagined, that have marked his life. In this state of reverie, reality fades and his thoughts seethe with an imagination filled with as much fantasy as truth.
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A young and vibrant American top model travels to Milan for a fashion show and mysteriously disappears. Leo Kramer, a loner and resolute private detective, embarks on an investigation that leads him away from the high fashion world to Casablanca. With the help of Commissioner of Police Herradi, Kramer runs many deadly risks to continue his relentless pursuit. Intrigues and homicides vex and baffle the reader through this tension-filled mystery novel.
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Federico G. Martini has brought with this novel a poignant tale of Davide, a man from Milan, whose journey through life and Italy is a touching adventure of the soul and the senses. Worn out with anxiety from a thankless career, Davide suffers a panic attack and breakdown in a traffic jam on Milan’s ring road. To save himself, he abruptly flees his home, job and friends and takes off on an unplanned trip through the towns, ancient monuments, woods, mountains and beaches of Italy. On the road, he meets unforgettable men and women, tastes delectable regional cuisines, follows the rivers, meditates under the starry sky and stands on snow-covered peaks. Gradually he comes to understand that a better world exists for him, one full of wonderful sensations and without prejudice. He begins to smile again and to rediscover the joy of life.
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